QTof LC/MS/MS System

MicroConstants Announces the Addition of a QTof LC/MS/MS System

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 4, 2009 – MicroConstants, a bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic-specialty Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in San Diego, California, announces today that it has successfully completed the installation and qualification of a Micromass QTof mass spectrometer system from Waters.

Waters’ Micromass QTof is a mass spectrometer which enables exact mass measurement for enhanced performance in MS and MS/MS with mass accuracy up to 2 ppm. The instrument features optimized resolution, patented ion optics for the highest sensitivity, a quadrupole mass filter and a collision cell for MS/MS analyses. This powerful combination delivers simple exact mass measurement of precursor and fragment ions with maximum sensitivity to yield the highest confidence in structure elucidation.

The QTof is installed with Metabolynx XS software to facilitate the interpretation of the full scan data sets and the identification of potential metabolites. The software also includes isotope modeling and fragmentation simulation tools for detailed structure analysis and assignment. The Waters Acquity UPLC connected to the instrument delivers unmatched chromatographic resolution with the ability to use 1.7 um particle size columns. The UPLC is installed with a photodiode array detector for simultaneous acquisition of UV and mass spectral data.

Dr. David Johnson, director of DMPK at MicroConstants, is extremely excited about the system installation. “We are now able to provide more definitive metabolite profiling and identification for in vitro experiments such as hepatocyte and microsome incubations. Additionally, we now have the sensitivity to extend our studies to plasma samples from dosed animals or humans.”

The system is also ideal for impurity analysis of active pharmaceuticals, and the quantitation of compounds with difficult background problems in plasma when using LC/MS/MS.

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