About MicroConstants

MicroConstants is a GLP-compliant Contract Research Organization focused on performing regulated bioanalysis, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic analysis in support of discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development studies. We specialize in method development, validation and sample analysis for small molecules, macromolecules, biomarkers and metabolites using LC/MS/MS, HPLC/UV, immunoassay, multiplex and qPCR techniques. We also assemble and distribute protocol-specific specimen collection kits to streamline and simplify the PK collection process for single and multi-site clinical trials.

MicroConstants, Inc. was founded in 1998 in San Diego, California by Gilbert Lam, Ph.D., a veteran in pharmaceutical development and a scientist trained in the field of pharmacokinetics. Our San Diego facility has since grown to become one of the largest bioanalytical LC/MS/MS laboratories on the West Coast of the United States, housing 23 LC/MS/MS systems and occupying 34,000 square feet of office and laboratory space.

In 2007, MicroConstants expanded its operations internationally when Dr. Lam co-founded MicroConstants China Inc. in Beijing, China. The second facility was established to meet the growing demand of pharmaceutical development being outsourced to Asia. MicroConstants China adopted MicroConstants’ quality systems, has been GLP
compliant since April 2009, and all key personnel participated in extensive cross-Pacific training.

The laboratories in San Diego and Beijing are both fully compliant with USFDA, OECD, and MHLW Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.


Our Mission

MicroConstants is dedicated to becoming the recognized leader in regulated bioanalysis, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic analysis. We understand that the only way to achieve this goal is by providing our pharmaceutical and biotech partners with the highest quality data, exceptional client services, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of skilled professionals. Our success is intertwined with that of our clients’; therefore we constantly strive to meet our customers’ needs, exceed their expectations, and continually expand our contract research services to help advance our clients’ drug discovery and development programs.

About MicroConstants

Gilbert N. Lam, Ph.D.
President and Chief Scientific Officer

"At MicroConstants, we take pride in solving tough analytical projects."

Management Team