High-Throughput Screening & Automation

High-Throughput Screening & Automation

For our clients that require high-throughput screening (HTS) of clinical study samples and assays, we have the following automation in place to analyze more samples, faster, and with better precision and accuracy:

Luminex 200 System

Our Luminex 200 System automates immunoassays and bioassays for biomarker screening and protein analysis to support preclinical research and clinical diagnostic research. The system can multiplex up to 100 analytes in a single well of a 96-well microplate. The simultaneous measurement of multiple targets in each sample decreases sample volume requirements, generates more information on interrelationships between analytes within a single sample, and reduces assay reagent volume, expense and labor.
The system delivers fast and cost-effective bioassay and immunoassay results on many assay formats, including: biomarker assays, protein concentration determination and disease panel profiling, antigen arrays for serology assays, gene expression and genotyping assays, microRNA assays, transcription factor profiling, and receptor specificity assays.

Waters ACQUITY UPLC Systems

We have six Waters ACQUITY UPLC systems capable of increasing sample throughput, reducing solvent use, and performing complex separations more quickly than traditional HPLC systems. Their sample organizers are capable of shuttling up to 22 well plates into the sample manager for analysis, increasing the level of automation and sample processing throughput. Samples processing can be streamlined through 96 well plate SPE or SLE followed by analysis by UPLC coupled with MS/MS detection. The UPLC systems are capable of unattended sample analysis for days allowing night and weekend instrument time to be utilized more effectively.