Why Partner with MicroConstants?

MicroConstants Partnership means: Experience, Proactive Problem Solving, and Specialized Scientific Knowledge

Experienced. Since 1998, MicroConstants has supported 290+ sponsors in 27 countries, completed over 5,500 projects, and developed more than 1,600 methods, including 100 non-proprietary assay methods.

Creativity in solving challenging scientific problems. Despite the analytical complexity, our method development team approaches every compound with creativity, innovation, and years of scientific knowledge, allowing MicroConstants to solve challenging scientific problems that others cannot. Throughout the past decade, we have solved difficult analytical problems including the detection of amino acids, peptides, steroids, cephalosporins, and chiral separation of various enantiomers using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS). Read our case studies for specific examples of ways we have helped advance our clients’ drug development programs.

Specialized in bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic analysis. At MicroConstants, our core expertise is providing our clients with superior quality bioanalytical, drug metabolism, and pharmacokinetic analysis services throughout the entire drug development process (from discovery to NDA-filing). Rather than a “one-stop shop”, or full-service CRO, where these research services can be more of an ancillary service offering, we have a niche focus in bioanalytical research and routinely partner with other service providers to ensure our clients are supported throughout the entire drug development continuum.

Exceptional Client Services

100% sponsor satisfaction. The continued support of our sponsors is of extreme importance to us, so we conduct annual sponsor surveys to ensure we are consistently meeting expectations. Between November 2010 and November 2013, we received responses from close to half of all our sponsors. Of those, 100% said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of work produced by MicroConstants.

Majority of new business comes from referrals. A large part of our growth over the past decade can be attributed directly to referrals from current sponsors, past sponsors, and industry consultants. According to our annual sponsor survey, nearly all of our sponsors either would or already have recommended MicroConstants to a peer or industry colleague. Their primary reasons for doing so included excellent communication, high quality data and results, and satisfaction with deliverables. Read our client testimonials for more reasons our sponsors continually recommend our services.

Prompt communication and continuous status updates. A knowledgeable Principal Investigator (PI) and dedicated Project Coordinator (PC) are assigned to every project we conduct to ensure you always have a main point of contact. Your dedicated PI, PC, and senior management, when needed, are always available to answer any questions you may have about your projects and results.

Flexibility. We understand that the drug development process is complicated and often unexpected obstacles arise that could change the course of your study. At MicroConstants, we make ourselves readily accessible to our sponsors, and are always willing to work with you to accommodate requests and changes related to your projects and timelines.

Commitment to Quality

15 year history of GLP compliance. MicroConstants has been successfully inspected by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) for compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Our most recent inspection in September 2012 resulted in zero findings, observations, or recommendations.

Complete confidence in the scientific data produced. All GLP regulated studies conducted at MicroConstants are audited by an experienced, independent member of our Quality Assurance Unit (QAU), and every study meets or exceeds the criteria set forth by our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Furthermore, in our annual sponsor survey, 98% indicated that they were either confident or very confident in the quality of the data and results we provided. The remaining 2% were still in the early stages of their projects with MicroConstants.
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“MicroConstants will continue to reduce costs and improve efficiency through the implementation of new technologies throughout our laboratories.”

– David F. Beyerlein
Vice President, Global Operations

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