MicroConstants’ Jason Conerty & Francesca Wright featured in The AAPS Journal

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, September 12, 2016 – MicroConstants is very proud to have two of our own featured in The AAPS Journal this month for their contribution to writing the aaps review article: Best Practices in Stability Indicating Method Development and Validation for Non-clinical Dose Formulations.

Non-clinical dose formulations (also known as pre-clinical or GLP formulations) play a key role in early drug development. These formulations are used to introduce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into test organisms for both pharmacokinetic and toxicological studies. Since these studies are ultimately used to support dose and safety ranges in human studies, it is important to understand not only the concentration and PK/PD of the active ingredient but also to generate safety data for likely process impurities and degradation products of the active ingredient. As such, many in the industry have chosen to develop and validate methods which can accurately detect and quantify the active ingredient along with impurities and degradation products. Such methods often provide trendable results which are predictive of stability, thus leading to the name; stability indicating methods. This document provides an overview of best practices for those choosing to include development and validation of such methods as part of their non-clinical drug development program. This document is intended to support teams who are either new to stability indicating method development and validation or who are less familiar with the requirements of validation due to their position within the product development life cycle.

To view the full article, please click on the link below.
Congrats to Jason and Francesca!
The AAPS Journal – Review Article