Case Studies

Read the case studies below for specific examples of ways we have helped advance our clients’ drug development programs.

Optimizing enzymatic digestion to create a stable derivative enabled us to develop an LC/MS/MS method to measure concentrations of a key biomarker directly related to the activity of a biologic.
The development of a novel extraction and derivatization scheme allowed us to simultaneously determine free and covalently bound drug concentrations using a single assay.
Employing selective extraction in method development enabled the accurate determination of in vivo drug concentration in plasma samples collected during our client’s Phase I trial.
Customizing specimen collection kits for specific clinical trial sampling requirements streamlined our client’s Phase I study and helped ensure that all specimens collected were stabilized, properly labeled, and provided accurate pharmacokinetic data.
Increasing assay sensitivity to determine drug concentration in epithelial lining fluid (ELF) samples allowed our client’s clinical trial to proceed uninterrupted, saving them time and resources.