Additional Services (MicroConstants China)

In 2007, MicroConstants expanded its operations internationally when Dr. Gilbert Lam, the founder of MicroConstants, Inc., and Dr. Q. David Yang jointly established MicroConstants China Inc. in Beijing. The second facility was established to meet the growing demand of pharmaceutical development being outsourced to Asia. Our office in Beijing has adopted MicroConstants’ GLP-compliant quality systems, SOPs and LIMS and all key personnel participated in extensive cross-Pacific training.

Contract Research & Site Management Services

MicroConstants China is focused on providing the following services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies:

  • Preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies in China
  • Clinical site management services
  • Early-stage clinical trial management services
  • Regulated bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic analysis
  • Quality system consulting and implementation
  • Analytical services

For more information on our office in Beijing and the services they provide, please visit