Agricultural Biotechnology

Specialized Large Molecule Expertise to Cultivate Impactful Breakthroughs

Agricultural biotechnology holds strong promise to make crop production and management simpler and more efficient—but the safety of these agricultural products, both for humans and the environment, must be carefully evaluated to assess efficacy against potential risks.

Overcome large molecule complexities associated with such analysis, and speed time to market of your promising agricultural innovations, with BioAgilytix’s field-tested and proven support.

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Tell Us About Your Project

What are your specific assay needs? Let’s schedule a conversation to review your questions and requirements with one of our scientists.


Our veteran BPM team, collectively averaging 15+ years of bench experience and comprised of over 35% Ph.D. & Masters-level scientists, will work hand in hand with our customers’ own internal scientists to navigate the complexities of large molecule bioanalysis within the area of agricultural biotechnology. Our services are tailored to supplement your scientific and regulatory knowledge with our own first hand expertise and perspectives, enabling us to solve your assay challenges quickly and optimize the potential for successful results.

Read Our Bioanalytical Buyer’s Guide:

How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Bioanalytical Lab

It takes the right strategy and the right partner to capitalize on the growth happening in the biologics market. In this eBook, we break down eight key selection criteria for ensuring a successful partnership with a bioanalytical laboratory.


An industry leader in plant biotechnology and agriculture-related bioanalytical services, BioAgilytix offers assay development, validation, and sample analysis in support of field trials under non-GLP and GLP. We leverage innovative equipment and industry-specific expertise for transgenic plant analysis of macro-molecules in a variety of matrices including pollen, root, stem, whole plant, grain, and leaf.

We can provide accurate, high-quality data analysis to verify if transgenic crops have changed nutritionally, and protein expression testing throughout the growth stages of your crop. Defining methods, reagent qualifications, and method transfer protocols, we can support every phase of R&D for your agricultural biotechnology breakthroughs.

Our Agricultural Biotechnology Services Include:

  • Field Trial Support
  • Immunoassay Support Under EPA-GLP
  • GMO Analysis
  • Complex Matrices
  • Assay Development and Validation

Quality to Meet Strict Field Trial Regulatory Requirements

  • Operating under EPA-GLP
  • BPM Team Averaging 15+ Years of Experience

Explore the BioAgilytix Way of Thinking

Explore our array of white papers, articles, and videos to gain deeper insight into our small and large molecule expertise, and to stay updated with the latest news and research coming from the field of bioanalysis.


We believe the most efficient way to successfully advance agricultural innovations is to work together; that is why BioAgilytix takes a truly consultative approach to the way we support our customers’ needs. We work to complement your own internal expertise with our focused and specialized bioanalytical capabilities – actively collaborating every step of the way to anticipate challenges and recommend solutions.

We bring our deep knowledge of the complexities that come with large molecule bioanalysis, both from a scientific and regulatory perspective, to better enable your organization to effectively navigate through the field trial phases – from early development to post-marketing surveillance. Our veteran team provides the expert guidance needed to keep your trials on track to successful results.

In fact, every field trial project we undertake is led by a seasoned Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) well-versed in the unique scientific and regulatory demands of agricultural biotechnology. This BPM model streamlines our bioanalysis processes at every step, enabling us to identify and solve problems before they cause timeline delays or costly setbacks.


Choosing BioAgilytix guarantees that your field trials will be performed by only the most skilled, competent, and experienced scientists. Our wealth of knowledge in agricultural biotechnology, combined with our robust technology, proven processes, and uniquely collaborative approach, enable us to deliver quality results with unequaled speed and success.

Capture the opportunity in agricultural biotechnology using the BioAgilytix team to grow your competitive advantage. Through specialized knowledge, premier laboratory facilities, and proven processes, we’ll help accelerate your field trials by delivering high-quality bioanalytical services.

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