Pharmacokinetic Analysis & Reports

Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis / PK Modeling

MicroConstants specializes in conducting pharmacokinetic (PK) data analysis for discovery, preclinical, and clinical studies. We perform either model dependent (compartmental) or model independent (noncompartmental) analyses using validated Phoenix WinNonlin software to calculate bioequivalence, drug exposure, and drug recovery data. We will also provide assessments of PK/PD relationships.

Toxicokinetic Data Analysis

For GLP toxicology studies, we perform model independent (noncompartmental) analysis to establish exposure, accumulation, and linearity of absorption.

PK Simulations

We can use existing PK data to predict the plasma concentration profile of a drug under various input conditions. This information allows you to preview the potential effect of various routes of administration, multiple dosing regimens, and variable infusion schedules and can provide valuable insight into the design of preclinical and clinical studies.


Our scientists have decades of drug discovery and development experience and will provide you with the advice and support necessary to help advance your pharmacokinetics programs. MicroConstants can help design appropriate pharmacokinetic studies, perform pharmacokinetic calculations, and incorporate bioanalytical data into regulatory submissions.

  • Pharmacokinetic data analysis and PK modeling to calculate bioequivalence & drug exposure data
  • TK data analysis for GLP toxicology studies
  • PK simulations to predict plasma concentration profiles
  • Pharmacokinetic consulting for drug discovery, preclinical, and clinical studies

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