Customized Specimen Collection Kits for Clinical Trials

We assemble and distribute protocol-specific specimen collection kits to simplify and streamline the pharmacokinetic (PK) collection process for single and multi-site clinical trials. We will assemble individual kits for each study participant or provide collection supplies to clinical sites as bulk inventory. Kits can be shipped worldwide, and the specimens collected may be returned to BioAgilytix for bioanalytical and/or PK analysis.

We provide end-to-end support for specimen collection, including training materials, the specimen collection kits themselves, logistics, and shipment tracking.

Collection Manuals & Training Materials

We can provide a detailed sampling, handling, and shipping manual, based on your study protocol, with your specimen collection kit. We’re also happy to develop training materials to educate clinical site personnel on proper collection, labeling, and shipping methods. Our kit coordinators are available to communicate with clinical site personnel and answer any collection and/or shipping questions they have during the study.

Protocol-Specific Specimen Collection Kits

We customize collection supplies, labels, and shipping materials, based on study protocol. Specimen collection kits are available for all types of clinical trials (single-site, multi-site, Phase I-IV) and are provided as either individual patient-specific kits or bulk inventory. Specimen collection tubes can be modified prior to shipping–for example, we can add stabilizing solutions or inhibitors-stabilization for samples upon collection. Project coordinators and kit coordinators are available to help assess your specific PK sampling needs, to ensure the specimen collection kit contents satisfy study requirements.

Sample Collection & Logistics

We assemble and distribute protocol-specific specimen collection kits to simplify and streamline the PK collection process for single and multi-site clinical trials.

Specimen Collection Kit Shipment Coordination & Tracking

We are experienced with worldwide shipping rules and regulations and work directly with domestic and international couriers to obtain required permits. We correspond with couriers to ensure on-time, smooth delivery. We’ll help coordinate outbound sample shipments from the clinical sites back to BioAgilytix, or the testing laboratory of your choice, for bioanalytical and/or PK/PD analysis.

Global Shipping

We ship our specimen collection kits to 45+ destinations across the globe.

Please complete the kits assessment questionnaire below based on the protocol for your study.